Open letter to Stephen Hoadley Human Rights Professor

stephen hoadleyThe following is  an  email  sent to Steve Hoadley,  after I had phoned him 22.01.2013  on ext 87031 (ph + 64 9 373 7599) and asked him to assist  and mediate, he refused to speak to me  .

the email reads

Stephen  as a professor of human rights I am  somewhat disappointed that you stand by and let WYN commit such atrocities on   a fellow human being. If you condone this  it appears somewhat Hypocritical to  me.

She is supporting a breach of the united nations convention against corruption  and  if you were to take some time to look at the evidence you would see that she is not acting  in any ethical  or legal manner.

She has been using her standing and her perceived reputation     to oppress me,  she has torn my family apart, brought huge stress   on me physical physiological  and financial ,  liquidated my company on false evidence ( it was discovered and the company  was reinstated )   ,  and is supporting   the concealment of corruption.

None of this  would have happened if she had   checked the facts when she started with AWINZ   or if AWINZ had actually existed instead of being  a  pseudonym   for Neil Wells.   I realise that she is now in it too deep  and it is much  easier   to keep on the attack of me   and  hold on to that glimmer of hope that she can get away with it. Her incompetence and negligence  is what  has contributed to this  and I hold her  responsible for the part she has played in the concealment of corruption .

She   is a public figure  and I will ensure  accountability of her    , I may even have to resort to picketing outside your home and the    TCDC  but  I will do it .  7 years  of attack is too much  this has to stop.

They are still after $70-80,000, what is the point of me working  I don’t earn money  like that   I  will have to sell the  family home    My crime has been to be a whistle blower on serious public corruption…  do you also    condone  what has happened?

If you are concerned  you  would talk to me  you would   at least take time to listen    but    I now realise that this is how the so called elite keep themselves    “ pure “ it is by  refusing to talk and throwing up brick walls.

Thanks goodness for the internet.   I will be posting this letter to  you  on  so that there is a public record of my  plea for help to you .


Grace Haden

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