to Talking Works :corrupt practices of Tom Didovich will you support me or condone his actions?

TOM DIDOVICH talking works   .. if Talking works Tom Didovich  why don’t you  talk  and discuss instead of  covering up corruption !

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Good afternoon Karen and Tom ( and others cc’d as  see below )

I am making this an open letter and addressing it to those associated with the talking works  web site.

I have to wonder if  you  have  any formal   relationship  or just simply all come under the same informal banner  I  have not been able to establish if you are  a proper organisation as such because that  very much touches at the heart of my   communication to you.

I was wondering if you  have a code of ethics ?  each of you are  associated   with one another under the same umbrella  and I wondered if  you actually tolerate unscrupulous actions of one of your number   and  if you have required standards of conduct.

I am talking about Tom Didovich  who does not practice what he preaches.  He is  one of three people who have made my life  hell over the past 7 years and I very much would  like this to end.

Tom  is on a trust which has allowed charitable funds to be used to relentlessly pursue me through the court  on a  un proved   claim of defamation   so that the gross corruption which he is party to   could  be covered up.

Tom was  the manager of Dog control in Waitakere city council and   facilitated  a scam   which  meant that  public resources were being misused  for personal gain.

I have written to some of you  about Tom before the post is  here

I have just completed three articles about the misuse of the funds which the trust which  Tom Didovich is on –

these articles are

I am a licenced Private Investigator, Former Police Sergeant  and  was acting for  a dog control officer  employed at Waitakere  who wanted to know why she was  volunteering her council paid time to   the animal welfare Institute of New Zealand( AWINZ )

AWINZ transpired to be just a name , a name which was promoted and associated with Tom Didovich and  through false information which  Tom Didovich supplied to the minister  attained  law  enforcement powers  identical to those enjoyed by the RNZSPCA.

When I Proved that AWINZ did not exist  I  asked the simple question  of MAF  “ why does this law enforcement authority  not exist?”

and asked Waitakere city council “why this organisation operated from their premises and used their staff and infrastructure?”.   Didovich had signed an agreement with Neil Wells for AWINZ   see here   then when he left council Wells took Toms position  and Tom became a member of a trust  called  AWINZ   all in an attempt to cover up.  Tom is   up to his neck in this convoluted corrupt practice   .

As a result of this   Tom Didovich has been a party to the  supporting the court proceedings financially through the use of the Lord Dowding fund , and  becoming part of a cover up trust to confuse the authorities and mislead the court. I have  approached him several times and asked him to talk  because talking works    but  he   continues down the  path of abuse, which in my mind contradicts everything he is  now supposed to stand for.

He is  intrinsically  entwined in this entire corrupt saga  which  has  torn my family apart , cost me my 23 year  marriage , saw my company liquidated on false evidence, seen continued   court  action  to  financially strip  me( it has cost me  some $300,000) .   My crime:  I was a whistle blower on a  matter of public concern.

So I am  asking each and every one of you

  1. do you condone   one of your own  causing the very  problems which you  are there   to solve,  I was near suicide a number of times, suffered depression   and lived in fear for many years   with what Tom and his associates were doing to me.
  2. If talking works  and  you live by your mantra  would  you intervene  and   assist  someone who is   being abused at the hands of one of your own.
  3. Will you help me and support me

You  either  walk the talk or  you stand by and allow abuse to continue.

I would welcome your support.

I will post a copy of this  on my transparency  web site   . I look forward to seeing that you  people are genuine  with regards to your  cause.



Grace Haden


Because truth matters

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Subject: corrupt practices of Tom Didovich will you support me or condone his actions?

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