Wendy Brandon and the Wislang Case

A kind contributor has  brought  the The Wislang Case to my attention  . Wendy Brandon was  at that time Chair woman of the medical disciplinary tribunal .

The  detail of The Wislang Case can be READ ONLINE or DOWNLOAD as Adobe PDF.

This document  contains a  Quote from Sir William Wade

“It is fundamental that the procedure before a tribunal, like that in a court of law, should be adversary and not inquisitorial. The tribunal should have both sides of the case presented to it and should judge between them, without itself having to conduct an inquiry of its own motion, enter into the controversy, and call evidence for or against either party. If it allows itself to become involved in the investigation and argument, parties will quickly lose confidence in its impartiality, however fair-minded it may be. This principle is observed throughout the tribunal system, even in the adjudging of small claims before social security local tribunals and supplementary benefit appeal tribunals by a departmental officer. Naturally this done not mean that the tribunal should not tactfully assist an application to develop his case, particularly when he has no representative to speak for him, just as a judge will do with an unrepresented litigant.”

I have seen in the handling of  the AWINZ matter  that Wendy Brandon   does not undertake investigations and  is even reluctant to   look at the   story from both sides , she has totally ignored my  pleas to her to  look at a simple document. The MOU   in which Mr Wells is both sides of the   agreement.

One would have thought that it would have been acceptable for Mr Wells to have declared his conflict of interest in his  application for  Mr Didovich’s position    But Wendy Brandon prefers to throw court documents  which were obtained   through fraudulent means  -at me  and   attack my character.

I have to wonder if Wendy still thinks that she is on a tribunal?  her  position now is   as a lawyer for council protecting the public interest.  It is in the public interest that   the  public resources are not used for personal gain.

One lesson I have   have learn is that when people cannot attack the issue they attack the person.

Wendy  why are you attacking me    and why are you advising the Mayor that he should not speak to me?  What agenda is hidden  why do we  hide  public corruption    why do you condone it?

If I receive a response from Wendy I will let you  know.. don’t hold your breath  I’m not.

Please read the Wislang case  it  speaks volumes.


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