Wendy Brandon continues to conceal corruption

I have received  a further reply from Wendy Brandon  it appears that attack is the best form of defense .  In the interest of transparency, the correspondence is below


From: Grace Haden [mailto:grace@verisure.co.nz]
Sent: Friday, 23 November 2012 10:08 a.m.
To: ‘Wendy Brandon’
Cc: ‘info@ombudsman.parliament.nz’; ‘d.carter@ministers.govt.nz’; ‘charles.chauvel@parliament.govt.nz’; ‘Catriona McDougall’; ‘kennedy.graham@parliament.govt.nz’; ‘Mayor Len Brown’; ‘Rob Stock (SUN)’; ‘Councillor Sharon Stewart’
Subject: RE: request for urgent investigation by council




You would not be re litigating anything.   There is a huge difference between    a defamation claim and   the claim  of corruption.    Why does it take 7 years to   bring corruption to the attention of council ?


The court has been used to pervert the course of justice   and as I have told you    there is a proceeding currently before the    court    for obtaining a judgement by fraud.


You appear to have a very back to front way of dealing with corruption .


I would presume that you have assessed the information which I have sent you   and that you are  now actively condoning the use of council premises    for private pecuniary gain  by council employees  and that you are condoning  council managers contracting to themselves. You are now allowing your office to be  used for the concealment of crime and I will be making a complaint to the law society accordingly.


You  are making  me out  to vexatious based  on the   uncorroborated evidence of Mr Wells  who was compelled to    deceive the court because of the  implications the truth had on his career.


You  are condoning the use of  council facilities  fraudulently  and   you are not acting  in the interest of the  administration of justice .


Questioning corruption has cost me  an obscene amount of money.  Do  you honestly think that  any one in their right mind will ever  question corruption In  council  again.


Those who are employed are  quietly disposed of by confidentiality clauses   , those who are not  employed like myself  are hammered into the ground  and totally annihilated  through persons like yourself  who will not  even look at the most basic  of  documents and asses  that there is something terribly  wrong.


Wendy  attack  has always been the best form of defence and by you attacking my  character and reputation using  judgements  which are before the court for having been obtained by fraud   are  denigrating me  You are attacking me  because you cannot attack the issue . the issue is that council   resources have been used fraudulently and  you  are ignoring  it.


You are doing everything in your power to  get me out of the picture.  You know  that  through your actions  Corruption will flourish in Auckland city   because you are condoning it.

Just let the rate payers pay more  so more   people  can   gain   privately.


This is a well-documented and researched  example of corruption  it is under your nose  and you don’t even want to learn from it..  that is not just ignorance  it goes to negligence.


A  lawyer  with integrity  would look at the documents  I have brought to your attention and  would  act  to ensure that councillors  are briefed on the perpetration of corruption in council   learning from the past prevents  expensive mistakes in the future.



How much more is going on and how much more are you condoning?   What is in it for You  Wendy?  Surely   your objective should be to  protect the  councils assets and resources  and ensure that they are being used for    a proper purpose. You are not  doing that Wendy   and it appears to me that you are failing the people of  Auckland.


I do have to  wonder who is paying your wages , strangely enough I thought it was the rate payers  not   employees within  council who   have your loyalty  to  ensure that corruption is concealed.






Grace Haden



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From: Wendy Brandon [mailto:Wendy.Brandon@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz]
Sent: Friday, 23 November 2012 9:10 a.m.
To: ‘Grace Haden’
Cc: info@ombudsman.parliament.nz; d.carter@ministers.govt.nz; charles.chauvel@parliament.govt.nz; Catriona McDougall; kennedy.graham@parliament.govt.nz; Mayor Len Brown; ‘Rob Stock (SUN)’; Councillor Sharon Stewart
Subject: RE: request for urgent investigation by council


Dear Ms Haden


I refer to my email correspondence of yesterday and confirm that if you wish to complain about the responses you have received to your various LGOIMA requests of the past weeks, you have the right to complain to the Ombudsman.  I have read both of the High Court and District Court judgments (attached) and it would be inappropriate for me to engage in any re-litigation of matters that have been heard and determined by the courts.


As per below, I am satisfied that over the past several years you have received all of the information held by the former WCC in relation to AWINZ.  No new information relating to AWINZ has come into existence in Auckland Council. Given the very strong findings in both the District Court and High Court judgments, your continued requests are vexatious and are accordingly, declined.


Yours faithfully


Wendy Brandon

General Counsel



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