HowTo Make an Official Information Request

Logo    Did you know that you  can obtain information from the government and local government  regarding  almost anything.

They have to   provide you with the information unless there is a good reason to  keep it from you and then you have a right to  take the matter to the ombudsmen  for review.

Now there is a very simple portal which makes it so much easier  and on top of  it  it allows every one to see what else has been requested , this means that   we are getting even better transparency.

The site is and I can see this developing into an essential resource.It is  part of an international drive to transparency  I discovered the link after watching   an excellent TED   talk  my battle to expose government corruption.  a topic which  very much resonates with us.

There reason the site is so good is that there are times when two people make a request  and  the  answers conflict  or when  government officials are  being less than honest- not   the transparency is there.

We will be ensuring  that all our OIA requests and LGOIMA requests  go through this portal   we hope you do too


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