reply from auditor general

In reply to my request for investigation  I received the following

From: Jude Hutton []
Sent: Friday, 3 August 2012 10:26 a.m.
To: Grace
Subject: RE: request for investigation

Dear Ms Haden
Thank you for your further email of 23 July 2012 to Lyn Provost.

You are concerned about the existence or otherwise of the Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand (AWINZ).

We have reviewed the information you have provided in this and your earlier email of 19 June 2012 and must advise that we do not intend to investigate this matter any further.

We see from our files that you have written to us several times in the past about this matter. Our previous response has been that this matter does not require investigation by this office. There is nothing in the information you have provided to us in your recent emails that would cause us to change this view.

We note that your concerns are historic in nature and focus on the Waitakere City Council, which no longer exists. It is not clear from the information you have provided whether AWINZ still exists.

For your information, this office’s primary role is to audit the 4,000 or so entities that make up the public sector. We are also able to inquire into issues of concern that are raised with us. Our inquiries function reflects our auditing role. Our focus is on the way public entities use their resources, including financial, governance, management and organisational issues. The Auditor-General’s office is not an avenue for resolving individual complaints or concerns about how a public entity has handled a particular matter.


Jude Hutton

Inquiries Co-ordinator

Office of the Auditor-General Te Mana Arotake
100 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington 6011
PO Box 3928, Wellington 6140
Ph: +64 4 917 1500 Fax: +64 4 917 1549
DDI: +64 4 917 1600

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