Rodney Hide and the NBR

Rodney Hide  has returned to the NBR  and  I  have  responded  to his latest article

HIDESIGHT: Political principle lost in a circus run by monkeys

as follows …  I have yet to receive a response from him

It would appear that Facts and truth don’t matter. to politicians either and although you were very helpful when I saw you, with regards to the fictional law enforcement authority -AWINZ , as my local MP when you were in opposition, you did everything you could to avoid me when you were minister for local government .

I could not even get an appointment with you and you chose to totally ignore me.

AWINZ was operating as a parasite off the councils resources and infrastructure using the public funds to derive a private income for a council manager, yet knowing the facts you did nothing.

This was Gross corruption and you apparently condoned it with your silence and in activity.

Rodney do you not think that this is a very good reason for us to have an independent commission against corruption. Would you support my petition?

I think ethics are important and those who turn a blind eye, in my book are as guilty as those who perpetrate the offenses.

If ministers don’t seek accountability who does? How do we get to question corruption when corruption is ignored by our ministers?

my petition is down loadable from


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