Corruption its a global thing- and not a load of rubbish

I have long had a theory that what ever happens in NZ  is   history repeating itself   from what is occurring over seas.

Years ago when    my local council  ( One Tree Hill Borough ) was amalgamated into    a larger  city  Auckland City and  our rubbish bins  shrunk in size I spoke out  .

Auckland city  has since been amalgamated  with  other cities to become Auckland Council    and again  they are talking about  changing the  way our rubbish  goes  out. Brian Rudman: Beware invasion of the wheelie bins

I was sent some links  about a lady by the name of Stacy-Lynne   and  although  she is in Colorado  her concerns and her  issues  appear to  be the same  as ours.    I also note that they have gone all  out to    immobilize her  having taken her son away from her, e this is all part and parcel of silencing the  whistle blowers.

the  lnks are

a further link sent on to me  which  will be of interest is

It s  time the silent majority stopped being silent  and   stood together     it is a lot easier to   engage your mind  now  and  see what is happenign   than to allow  things to happen and be powerless to fight back.

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