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LGOIMA request why increase dog registration ?

Sent: Wednesday, 29 February 2012 10:09 a.m.
To: ‘’ (
Subject: Lgoima request Dog registration.

Good morning

I would like to request information pursuant to LGOIMA  under urgency  with regards to dog licencing.

The reason for the urgency is  that  submissions are due by the 23rd March  and a number of people will need access to this information   for their  submissions.

Since the  council  has   suggested in  its   annual plan that the costs are  going to go up, this information should be readily at hand and  what I am asking should be the very  questions considered before making a recommendation that fees should increase.

These reports  and the collation of the information  would have formed the basis of the decision to increase dog  registration fees.  To that end  please supply by way of LGOIMA with respect to each of the  councils which formed into  the Auckland council  for each year of the past 7 years

All reports  on which the decision to increase dog  fees are based  and in the even that these reports do not contain the following  also

  1. Annual Costs for  the running and administration of the  dog control  division
  2. the method used to enforce dog control, ie
    1.  was it out sourced to contractors, if so please advise the full  details of the contractors  or
    2. was it  dealt with in house, if so  how many dog control officers were  employed  and what funding was used for their employment
    3. With regards to all  divisions which dealt with dog control please advise what other  duties  this division carried out for  council or any third party  e.g.
      1. did the officers also  do  stock control if so   how was that funded
      2. did the staff   undertake  animal welfare work i.e  were they  animal welfare inspectors under the animal welfare act  and f so how was that funded.
      3. The annual  income  from prosecution of dog by laws   for each area
      4. Total Revenue  brought in  by prosecutions and  licensing   per annum for each area
      5. The % of registered  and  unregistered dogs in each area.
      6. How the  process  by which dog  control officers are warranted , is it transparent  where can members of the public  verify that a person is a  dog  control officer?
      7. The number of    dog control officers  employed in each  region.
      8. How the income   from  prosecutions was distributed   did it go back into  general funds or were the  funds returned to  the dog control  division  for running expenses?
      9. What other  animals are catered for   by the dog control   division  and how is that funded?
      10. By what legislative procedure  and by what ruling of council was  any non-dog or stock related activity consented to  by  the territorial authority. E.g  why  are other animals catered for in  Waitakere at the concourse and by what lawful means. ( note that they adopt cats out )

I will be posting these questions on  for the interest of the general public and will   attach the response as soon as it  becomes available.


Grace Haden



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Corruption its a global thing- and not a load of rubbish

I have long had a theory that what ever happens in NZ  is   history repeating itself   from what is occurring over seas.

Years ago when    my local council  ( One Tree Hill Borough ) was amalgamated into    a larger  city  Auckland City and  our rubbish bins  shrunk in size I spoke out  .

Auckland city  has since been amalgamated  with  other cities to become Auckland Council    and again  they are talking about  changing the  way our rubbish  goes  out. Brian Rudman: Beware invasion of the wheelie bins

I was sent some links  about a lady by the name of Stacy-Lynne   and  although  she is in Colorado  her concerns and her  issues  appear to  be the same  as ours.    I also note that they have gone all  out to    immobilize her  having taken her son away from her, e this is all part and parcel of silencing the  whistle blowers.

the  lnks are

a further link sent on to me  which  will be of interest is

It s  time the silent majority stopped being silent  and   stood together     it is a lot easier to   engage your mind  now  and  see what is happenign   than to allow  things to happen and be powerless to fight back.