reply from David Neutze

Despite the fact that  I have  new evidence before the court   which shows that Mr Neutze is aiding and abetting fraud   he has sent the  following email through  a fellow   lawyer …  it appears that  a win is a win no matter how dirty  you play   and Mr Neutze has therefore  proved that he  plays dirty  .  But Lawyers  can apparently get away with murder  Mr Neutze is apparently a lawyer who will sign anything  without checking the facts.

its strange that the ordinary   Kiwi can see it  but Mr  Neutze can’t ….  the full story  can be found at


From: Cathryn Curran-Tietjens []
Sent: Monday, 9 January 2012 3:30 p.m.
Subject: Re: open letter published on

Dear Ms Haden

Thank you for your call this morning.  I have now had the opportunity to make contact with David Neutze.

I can confirm that the sums demanded in the statutory demand are all judgment sums.  That is, they are sums that have been awarded by the Court.  In the event the amounts sought are not paid, then bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings will be filed.

As there is nothing further Mr Neutze wishes to add, please take this email as a response to your 7 January 2012 email.

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