Truth is never defamatory

We refer to my posts below re Jonathon Mann   and Dr Gerald Waters.

We have received a letter from their lawyers  to which, in the interest of transparency, we reply to as follows.

Open letter to  Alan Ringwood

Thank you for your letter dated 22 September. alan ringwood letter

We note that you state it is not for publication. At transparency we act in an open  and transparent manner  and   we do not  do confidential deals as in our opinion  this encourages corruption..

If you believe there is some legal reason why the letter cannot be published please advise us of the act and section and we will consider   that.


You state that you  act for  IHO Limited (“IHO”) and for its directors Dr Gerald Waters and Elizabeth Pillinger and  for Mr Jonathon Mann, we  wish to draw your attention to the following

  1. IHO Limited has one shareholder IHO Holdings Limited
  2. You will notice that on the share  picture  the large  dark area is the ownership of EGMONT TRUSTEES JMIHO LIMITED  we have it on good  authority that  these shares are owned by Jonathon Mann
  3. Mr Mann is a disqualified director  and has in the past few weeks  either entered a plea of guilty or been found guilty of running a company while disqualified.
  4. The  company HQ PHYSIOLOGY LIMITED which is now in liquidation  , marketed the Fix product .
  5. The product was masterminded by Mann and when the company was wound up he got his flat mate Dr Gerald Waters and his new girlfriend Elizabeth Pillinger to become directors.
  6. Our  investigations reveal this is a common MO  ( modus operandi ) of Mr. Mann  who  then runs the company  in the background. So any one dealing with  IHO is actually dealing  with Mr Mann  and  since he is a con artist  this is a fact that    people may wish to  consider  when becoming involved.

It concerns us that you  claim that the web site is defamatory ,We note that you claim to be a defamation lawyer . As a defamation lawyer you will also be aware that  truth is never defamatory   and that honest opinion  is a defence. Truth   Honest opinion    Honest opinion where corrupt motive attributed to plaintiff.

We can assure you that what we have written is truthful    however if you have evidence to the contrary I hope that you  can supply that  to us  and we will consider  it.

We also draw your attention to section 25, Your clients have been aware of the web site for  some time now   and they are well outside the 5 day period , I can make the  copy of the defamatory post    by Dr Gerald Waters  available to you   should you require it.

You also complain about the breach of copy right perhaps you need to take that up with Food town as the photo is mirrored from their site.

You allege that we suggest that the fix product is a scam , could you please point out where  we have  made that allegation   as in  reading our site we  believe that it makes it quite clear  that  was advise  caution for anyone buying  in to any  product promoted by  Jonathon Mann and he has been promoting FIX as a healing agent.

We note that its trade marked as a pharmaceutical and medicinal preparations, to that end  could you please provide  the evidence  that it is  licensed accordingly .( Trade Mark Number (210) 812005)  If we do not hear  we will  presume that it is not  licensed and will  ensure that appropriate action  for the protection of the public, is taken .

We do note that it is not listed on the med safe  web site   could you  please advise why it is not listed. If not is  a  Pharmaceutical product   is the trademark under that category not misleading?

We also  appreciate that you claim FIX  is natural,   just because something is natural does not  infer that it is  good for you  and does not make it a medicine.

Arsenic is  natural. It kills!

As to the comments of Dr  Waters, when a  medical  doctor  , specialising in renal makes  a public statement  with regards to a  person he has not examined  and calls them “sociopathic” , then we think that this  is serious enough to  bring to the attention  of the  medical profession, especially when he uses the hospital board computers to post this   comment ( which has been  moderated  as we will not be part of any defamation )

Sociopath in our interpretation  is “a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behaviour is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience”  further interpretations are found here

The complaint we have lodged with regards to  Dr Waters Action has no  doubt sparked this knee jerk reaction, He is a health professional  who is working with a convicted fraudster who has  passed himself off as a health professional. We  would have thought  that Doctors should not be seen to condone this  action and should distance themselves from it.

We do not have a campaign against Mr Mann, our desire is to have an open and transparent society where people can openly warn each other of scams and scamsters , so that  we can reduce  the number of victims.

With regards to the Verisure site

Con  is short for convicted and  confidence  , there can be no doubt that Mr Mann is a convict, “”a person found guilty of a crime and sentenced by a court”   and that he has  used confidence trickery to make others believe that he had  qualifications which he did not possess.

The  truth Hurts.  So when people act  with integrity they can only be portrayed with integrity, when   they choose to act   in  a contrary manner  we have the right of freedom of speech  and the right to warn others.

We have no intention of damaging the IHO business our intention is to  ensure that anyone who deals with Mr Mann and his  companies  do so  with eyes open.

We are  happy to alter  or remove any material from the sites  if  you provide the evidence which shows that  we are  wrong  .

Please be advised that any response will be published in the interest of transparency.


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