why does Dr Gerald Waters protect con Mann Jonathon Mann?

Today two separate blogs  have had  threats and defamatory comments posted on them   by Dr Gerald Waters  who saw  fit to send  these emails from the Waikato district health boards servers.

The comments have been edited  by the respective blog administrators. The  emails in each case were from gerald.waters@gmail.com  , the fact that they were sent through the  Hospital servers proves to us that they were sent by him as  we  have established that he works there.

Now we have received even further  threats  which  are on this PDF Re_ Blog update in which he is now claiming to have been defamed  we have asked him how he feels that he is defamed  and will make   adjustments if that is the case  but   we have done our research and  have  done no more than present facts.

We have to question  Why a medical doctor  is seeking to protect  a man who has been convicted of no less than 17  counts of misrepresenting himself as an osteopath and physiotherapist and carrying out treatment on unsuspecting patients around Auckland.

Dr Waters  who  is jumping to dangerous conclusion with regards to the administrators of the blog,  practises medicine under supervision in the Internal Medicine training programme in Waikato hospital.

He is so bold as to deny   that events he  was not part of to be untrue  when those who run the blog  have  first hand and personal experience of Mr Manns tactics.

He is intricately connected with Jonathon Mann  as can be seen by the address he has used in the company registrations  for  the product which he markets for Mann through IHO LIMITED which has one share holder IHO HOLDINGS LIMITED for which Waters  updates the share holders details  including the entry which transfered Shares into his name

We believe that  Dr Gerald waters  has crossed the line in   protecting and supporting a con Mann and calling his victims  sociopaths and fraudsters .

to us this is an  ethical issue  , one which appears to be a case in which a doctor is condoning  unlawful actions  and  wishing to   silence those who seek to warn  others  with regards to the modus operandi of Mann.

The NZ bill of rights  grants us freedom of expression   no doctor should ever threaten any one with police action for attempting to spare others the  agony of being conned.

Registration Information for Waters, Gerald Philip


Waters, Gerald Philip


MB ChB 2000 Otago



Scope of Practice

Dr Waters practises medicine under supervision in the Internal Medicine training programme.

Practising Certificate

From 1 March 2011 to 29 February 2012



General Scope

7 December 2001

Provisional Scope

1 December 2000



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