Jonathon Mann seeks to silence victims

A  victim of a scam run by Jonathon Steven Mann was  approached  by not one  but several other persons who have  also been  scammed by him.

She saw the  devastation this man has caused in  their lives  and recalls the damage this it did to her own , she knew how  cleverly  she had been played  and there was no  concrete proof   which the police   would    act on   yet  there she was like others     thousands spent , empty promises  and  the  overwhelming feeling of betrayal.

So being a public spirited person   this victim thought that enough was enough   and started a blog so that others could be   forewarned only to find that Jonathon Steven Mann had moved swiftly to have the blog taken down.

People have a right to know who is out there scamming    so transparency  New Zealand  is   getting  behind the project.

Jonathon Steven Mann came out from the UK in about 2002, there are unconfirmed   reports of convictions in his alias  Jonathon Macdonald .

We have located  a judgement  which relates to  fraudulent activities  of  Jonathon Mann IN THE COURT OF APPEAL OF NEW ZEALAND

And now there  are  see three newspaper items  with regards to his latest escapades.

  1. Fake physiotherapist fined
  2. Ministry springs fake gym physio
  3. Physio charged with being fake

We believe that he is currently before the court on charges of running a  business while disqualified  for  running   the company  HQ PHYSIOLOGY LIMITED.

This company    through Mann     developed a cream  called FIX   ,  this is now being marketed by IHO Limited  owned by  IHO HOLDINGS LIMITED which is  being operated  By Dr Gerald Waters   who was Manns former  Flat mate   and  also By Manns current girlfriend Elizabeth Anne PILLINGER

Both companies were  originally set up  by Colin GREEN on  behalf of Jonathon Mann. Green  is  a photographer in the UK and a relative of Mann  . 

There is a Company in the UK  IHO FIX (UK) LIMITED   which is run from the same town as Green lives in .

green acknowledges his connection in his linked in profile Colin Green _ LinkedIn

Inquiries  have been made with the manufacture of the product  Fix which is a New Zealand based company called Jaychem. And is sold in the UK and   promoted through  foodtown.

Our investigations reveal that Mr Mann has posed as a biochemist in the past. We believe that he developed the product  in conjunction with Jaychem.

We have expressed our concerns  to Jaychem   who   despite the fact that they have a vested interest,  have assured us that they stand by the product and endorse it .

Jonathan Mann has been approaching various people  to  invest in this product .

We recommend  independent  testing of the product before  any one invests.

Many people  invest time ,  services   in return for shares   in IHO Holdings  Limited of which Mann is the major share holder through  EGMONT TRUSTEES JMIHO LIMITED

We can only advise caution  based on  our findings as set out  above and the verbal evidence that we  have collected from  many more  who have been scammed by  Jonathon Mann  such as  represented by this  report. jonathon-mann-and-the-dentalman-book 

the full book is available at


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  • Helen Wenley:

    It appears that the pattern of offending is that Mr J S Mann dupes well respected people, gets up a company setup and take money money for what is a worthwhile project, and then runs when there are zero returns on investment. I suggest strongly that BEFORE people do business with anyone, or takes on tenants or employees that a thorough background check is made first. I recommend a company called Verisure Investigations to ensure a thorough verification check.

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  • GW:

    I would strongly suggest you remove this article from your site. I am director of the company mentioned above. Mr Mann has been persecuted by a ex-partner in the past and more recently by an ex-landlord . Other allegations above are false.

    IHO Ltd is a reputable company making a very sucessful product and allegations to the contrary will be met by the full force of the law. Please remove this article immediately.

    • transparencynz:

      Thank you for your post Dr Waters.

      I am aware of your view and I am also aware that Jonathon Mann is running IHO. getting other people to front it.

      Mann is a disqualified director and convicted fraudster who regularly cons good people .

      May I suggest that you look at the warning signs . As a renal doctor should you be promoting a product which is out of your line of work?

      Our research shows that the directors of IHO are acting as Puppets for A fraudster any one dealing with the company has a right to that information.

      Jonathon Mann has destroyed too many lives already .

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  • transparencynz:

    the following are samples of how Jonathon Mann works they are all replies to posts on this site and all digs at me for lack of transparency. in the interest of transparency I am publishing them Please note that the man had not even got the good sense to reset his ISP number.
    Submitted on 2011/11/17 at 5:59 pm

    Great article. Not. I don’t see any problems with the MAF, only a scaremongering article writer?

    Will the state services commission up hold the code of conduct ?
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    Submitted on 2011/11/17 at 2:37 pm | In reply to transparencynz.

    “New Zealand is rife with corruption especially in the field of businesses and individuals making a living off public resources be they tax payer or rate payer funded. That in itself is the main reason NZ is going down so fast. We simply can’t sustain the parasites. ”

    So transparencynz… according to you that neurosurgeon that saves lives everyday who is working at hospital because he wants money [private gain] and making a living off public resources shouldn’t have a job.

    Suggest he goes private and charges triple the price then are you?

    corruption not acknowledged in NZ
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    Jordan Lance.
    Submitted on 2011/11/15 at 11:23 pm

    Ahhh yes I found the article! So fjfkj wasn’t lieing. I also read the article on Dr Walters in which comments seem to have been supressed. I am now of the strong opinion that this site is serving no positive purpose.

    Why hide behind trading names?
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    Jordan Lance.
    Submitted on 2011/11/15 at 6:47 pm

    Your actions here now worry me. And I have been contacted by email by another follower of this site who suggested you blocked his opinions from being published (transparency needed?). My opinion of you is changing, for the worse.


    Well Put. Great article. Thanks for making the truth known Grace!

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