Bullies won’t get a Retraction Notice

On My web site www.Verisure.co.nz  , I  posted a blog item  entitled Credit Consultants Debt Services scam ,

I have  since received the following reply from  a person purporting to represent  this non existent  entity. Credit Consultants reply to blog

As you may note  from that  email I have been  rather bluntly TOLD by Brent Foster “re-tract immediately this post and any follow up posts”

 Who  does this person think   he is ?

it appears that  he is an operations manager  who  may  suddenly   have realizes  that he   has rather stuffed up with his  paper work  and silence is therefore the best protection he can ask for or on the other hand  the  scammer who is trying to keep a scam alive.

If he is the operations manager as claimed then he is acting in a manner which unfortunately typical in New Zealand   .    Its all about keeping the business image pristine.

I have a theory that  business practice can be  kept squeaky clean by acting in an ethical manner  and sending out letters for debts which do not exist and through a company which does not exist  is in my opinion not ethical and I  am sure all  would agree.

In New Zealand we also  have such a thing as the Bill of rights   section 14 of the bill of rights   states  14 Freedom of expression
  • Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.

I have chosen to exercise that right  so Mr Foster, if he is a legitimate ” operations manager ”   is now wishing to  stop me from  expressing my honest opinion and  also any  future  honest opinions about an organisation which has no legal existence.

I would put money on the fact that the    name on the letter    J Francis  is fictitious as this is  the trend in these companies    taking real action behind a shield of anonymity. So how do I know that Mr. Foster is a real person or yet another virtual person in   “ damage control “

I am extremely concerned that there are individual in this country who  have no legal standing    who  intimidate others into  compliance and  the events of today  just show  how it is done.

If you don’t  know your rights  you don’t have any.

I guess this  approach  today is no different  to   letter which was sent  to me last week    . How do I know that  this is not all part of the same scam and  that  this person purporting to be   Forester  is acting to protect the scam?

I have not been  given any evidence that Mr Foster  or any company are legitimately acting  for and on behalf of  telstra clear, I know that they are not  because  there simply is no debt.

Telstra clear ave not told me the sum is outstanding and that they are going to pass it on to some one for collection  ,  they cant  as the  account  was settled  nearly a month ago after  they lost the payments.

 In his letter Mr Foster claims that there  there are  “significant errors “let’s examine them.

Fact 1

I have attempted to   open the   web address  given  and the same message  “The connection was reset”    continues to some up

Fact 2

he claims that  “Credit Consultants Debt Services is the Trading name for the legal entity Credit Consultants Group NZ Limited. “ Says  who ?   Where is the evidence ?

I have searched the   intellectual property web site for trademarks  and the words “Credit Consultants Debt Services” are not  trade marked.

And yes I did find the amalgamation certificate  , the company which was once named “ Credit Consultants Debt Services Limited “  amalgamated with others     and the company was  then struck off the register .   as this link will show  on the  7th February 2011.

When companies are struck off  they cease to exist.

The companies office allows for companies to   show the trading names etc alongside the   registration record  and as can be seen there is nothing .

Going back to the letter which I received.. there is nothing  to indicate in that letter that  this is

  1. A trading name
  2. A legal name
  3. Anything to identify  who the  real person is.

Mr Foster  whoever  he is  ( and he is not a lawyer )   is now jumping up and down saying that the truth I have written  is slander.. How can anyone slander something which has no legal or  real   existence   and truth is never slander.

I  re confirm  that  at this time   Credit Consultants debt services    does not exist  and  has never  existed  as the only one which ever  existed  was  Credit Consultants debt services NZ limited    the subtle difference being that one has the letters NZ in them and  the other doesn’t.

Fact 3

I never  said that the phone details were incorrect for Credit Consultants Group NZ Limited  because I never   discussed  that company   I only  discussed the letter which I have in  my possession  from Credit Consultants debt services.   I phoned  and I recorded my observations.

I have phoned the numbers again and after queuing for some time get told to leave your details.. very transparent .. great  way to  scam   you actually have no  idea of who you are  calling.

Now we get to the juicy part  the threat     firing an email off  at 4.32   claiming that   a retraction has  to  be sent  By   5 pm is rather  over the top  even if  Mr Foster is genuine.

Giving  a full  28 minutes  to    jump  to attention is what in my book is called bullying  especially  when

My original blog never mentioned the company which  Mr Foster  claims to represent.

  1. The web site   did not work  and still does not work
  2.  That I do not have a debt
  3. That I  feel harassed by the    people who are demanding payment from me when  there is  no debt
  4. That whoever was demanding money  from me was acting in a less than transparent manner   in that they could not be identified as to  the name of the legal entity.

Mr Foster  You are quite right  “You simply cannot make claims without the actual facts to back them up.  “

And  You are now making threats   to me   because I received    a letter which  I considered to be   an anonymous bullying demand.

I am happy to receive an apology  for your  un acceptable actions and full evidence of the legitimacy of your  action.

In fairness I will publish your apology  and any conclusive evidence you  may which to produce    on this blog.


Grace Haden



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