corruption not acknowledged in NZ

In Saturdays herald there is an editorial entitled Editorial: NZ’s culture of honesty one to be cherished, it states that corruption is foreign to the NZ  government .

I have taken the liberty of replying to the   this editorial  what is the bet I wont be published   so  I am publishing my response here .as  follows

Corruption simply is not defined in New Zealand and we have no agencies that specifically deal with it.  for 5 years I have been questioning  why we gave  law enforcement powers to a private  body which was not identifiable  and transpired to be just one person, the one person who  had massive input into the legislation  under which his fictional   “ body “   gained  massive powers of search seizure and prosecution  including retaining fines  which had a maximum of   $250,000 .

Our current and last Government have been great at concealing corruption  by saying” that is simply not happening” and walking away .

What few realise is that by ignoring corruption and condoning it you are allowing it  to grow.

Very soon countries like India won’t want to trade with us because we are so corrupt.

I have asked Mr key   several times how we question corruption     I have not had a reply

At least the countries who are perceived at being corrupt acknowledge that they are and have systems in place to deal with corruption. We simply ignore it.  And if you don’t define it then it’s not.

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  • Bob:
    No doubt you know of Transparency International. Present your evidence to that organisation and it will take note in terms of NZ’s rankings on the world stage.

    The definition of corruption and related conduct is I think not the description that best defines the problem that you have discovered. There is in NZ first an apathy to not deal with “gaps” in the structure that are being abused. There is a propensity in NZ to set up agencies and regulations (often headed by single individuals with no accountability) that have little effect other than to show-case there is some sort of service to protect consumers in existence. The reality is that agency or regulation does not. And it is too expensive to litigate in NZ to prove it. The institutions and large corporates have captured many Government agencies and regulators and outwitted them. As for real corruption, there are some instances now and then, such as immigration. One case comes to mind, in which a wealthy immigrant paid off Government officials with concealed under the table deals to get them to support his application for NZ citizenship. The Investigate Magazine wrote the story up and then it went silent. The man was eventually arrested for using a false name and passport, but none of the politicians have ever been questioned – why? Because they had no intent to deceive because they are simply too naive and bizzarely unaware of how the world actually operates. Why otherwise would the Government, which owns all the minerals and petroleum resources in NZ simply gift them away under cheap royality deals with mining and exploration companies. Why would it not extract these multi-billion dollar resources itself while prices worldwide are so high, so as to pay off the debt? The people in the end voted them in, and so at the end of it all we have only ourselves to blame.

    • Thank you Bob
      Yes I am aware of transparency International, they are the guardians of the perception index and have nothing to do with exposing corruption in New Zealand, which appears to be counter productive to their aims.

      Transparency International is not interested in my evidence or that of anyone else. they claim to look at the “macro ” and concentrate on bribery. there are however other forms of corruption such as state capture and public office for private gain .

      New Zealand is rife with corruption especially in the field of businesses and individuals making a living off public resources be they tax payer or rate payer funded. That in itself is the main reason NZ is going down so fast. We simply can’t sustain the parasites.


  • BLG:

    I agree there is a huge amount of corruption in the NZ government and most people are happy with it just being swept under the rug. Our representatives (the polititions) make many back door deals, and legislate without any respect to the bill of rights. Until we the poeple unite aginst this type of behaviour we will be trampled on by all departments of government. Physical force (marching with torches and pitchforks) is the only way against Nazi type regemes such as we are seeing in NZ. Who will lead us?

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