Inability to question corruption in NZ – open letter to John Key

Mr Key                                 Open letter

In 2006 I   was asked  to locate a  law enforcement  authority which had extensive legislative powers including prosecution and the retention of fines (  up to $250,000)  under the animal welfare act.

It transpired that  the  “ organisation “  Animal welfare institute of New Zealand  ( AWINZ )  had no existence beyond a  trading name  or alias for the man who had written the bill leading up to the act and who had also been an independent advisor to the select committee in the hearing stages.

Neither MAF nor the minister for Agriculture at the time    checked to see if the organisation exited before giving it legislative powers .

Since then it’s been a cover up at the highest level    .

In 5 years  I have not been able to progress this matter.

I  have tried every Possible means for  having this corruption  addressed and have found that I have been effectively stone walled. I am a former Police sergeant and am a licenced private Investigator  my skills  in this department are definitely more  than  the average.

My Local MP   Rodney Hide    did nothing    he wouldn’t even see me about  it  and his portfolio was minister of local government.. it appears that he condoned the use of council staff  for a private  enterprise.    Rodney knew    about this matter  even before the 2008  elections   as he  was  actively helping me at that stage.

Your local National  MP Cam Calder  condoned it  by saying “what does it matter if they are not registered if they are doing the work”. The point is   that they were doing the work  but were using  council paid officers to  do it  and the money which came back went into privately held coffers.

Even former mayors and   current  councillors are involved  in the cover up  as are high profile lawyers  

This morning I tried to speak to someone in your office about it and was told to put it in writing

How many  times do we have to write in     how many years before we get your attention.

Why is national  actively  concealing this corruption  and why do  citizens  not have the ability to question  what is going on.  Only by accountability  can we ensure that our country  is truly corruption free.

Mr Key  could I please get a response from you  .. Do you condone corruption or  do  you seek accountability?   Could you please     assign someone to assist in this matter.

I have worked out  why NZ is the least corrupt.. we simply  don’t acknowledge it.   Let’s ignore it and it will go away.


Grace Haden

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