Intimidation by alleged lawyer for AWINZ

On April 27th 2006   I became a board member of a legally incorporated   charitable trust Animal welfare Institute of New Zealand.  We had applied to   IRD and received Donee status and had confirmed that they had no  record of any other  organisation or group of people using that name.

On May 14th 2006 we   made an application for the trade mark AWINZ    which eventually was registered to us unopposed.

We had set up a website which stated that we were not the approved organisation and drew attention to the differences between the two.

I was sitting at home   at 9.45 on Friday 2 June 2006 when the phone rang.   The caller identified herself and said that she was a lawyer and that we should give up our web site and change our name.  She would not say who she was representing, the phone call was nothing but bullying in my opinion, she said it was urgent that we  complied with her demands , I asked if we could meet to discuss the matter.

the  events are recorded in these emails sent immediately after wards where she  made  threats against my Private investigators licence  .

As indicated  by  the emails she had also sought to have us removed from the register  , by her own words she had initiated this action .   Nick  Wright and Neil Wells were also to put Pressure on or web  host who told them to get a high court injunction .

I located her address and in view of her urgency   called in to see her at her home   , she was not in   and responded  by  having her husband Nick Wright serve a  trespass notice.

On 26 June we the board of AWINZ , I personally and my company Verisure  received  a Brookfield’s letter signed By  David Neutze .

Despite the claims of the letter that a trust deed accompanied it  no such document was present ,  The deed was however forwarded  to us By Nick Wright several days later.Having been created By Mr Wells late on  27  June   (  click on  the documents properties to view these details ) .

We asked a number of times if the trustees from both sides could  meet there by   resolution could be achieved  but we were not taken up on our offer instead on 18 July  a statement of claim was  filed By  David Neutze of Brookfields.

We were to find out later that Mr Wells was at that time in   possession of a document, only days old , which related to an email 4 JUNE Due to the urgency of the situation I am helping in the meantime in a voluntary capacity and have “gotten the ball rolling” with the Ministry to see your organisation removed from the register as quickly as possible.”

This reply from the ministry of economic developments provided them with  an avenue for legal redress  –  we have to wonder  why was this ignored   and why was there no affidavit filed with the  statement of claim? was it because intimidation was considered  to be a  option  to pressure and bully us into compliance ? *as it transpired  they won by having my defence of truth and honest opinion struck out   and hence the lies in the statement of claim sworn true only by the now deceased Neil wells , was the only evidence relied upon

I will write more about these documents later  but it should be noted  that  the trustees in the alleged  deed and the plaintiffs  are not one and the same. In 5 years  we have never been shown a connection    other than by inference.

I had cause to speak to a previous colleague of mine Inspector Dave SIMPSON of the  New Zealand Police  , he told me that Neil Wells had engaged a woman lawyer  who was working for him pro bono.

After receiving this information I checked with the law society  and found that  she did not have a practicing certificate.  I  asked her about it and  she coincidentally got one the next day  15 August 2006 She never  had any further involvement that I was aware of  with the  matter but  Nick Wright took over.. more on him later.

Until now   I was uncertain as to  Parres involvement  but  it has been clarified by her  former Husband who has  stated in official documents   “After some months, as Mr Wells … together with the other trustees of AWINZ at the time, sought legal counsel. Initial contact was made by Mr Wells to Ms Parre (who was at that time married to Mr Wright). Ms Parre was employed at Brookfields at the time, and the instruction in turn came to Brookfields.”

My enquiries at the time  had ascertained that Parre  was not working at Brookfields  , at least she was not shown on the staff list  and the receptionist was of the opinion that she did not work there.

the former law clerk  wen ton to be  employed by the  ministry for  the environment.

Her former Husband Nick Wright is a resource management  lawyer

I find it somewhat Ironic that on  a  Bell Gully document it said   “that her key practice areas include resource management and planning, with particular expertise on local government matters”

Tomorrow  I  will   write about Mr Neutze and question    what obligations do lawyers have to ensure  that documents that  they  sign and documents  they file are factual?

I will then    cover the involvement of  former Mayor  WYN Hoadley

Update   March 2018   the law clerk concerned   decided  to  complain about this article in 2016  and in 2018 is   claimed defamation 

The point of contention appears to be the statement that she was not  working at brookfield and  did not hold a current practicing certificate.

It appears that she was working  from home , her husband at the time resource management partner of Brookfields  took on the matter 

The law society at the time  told me that she  did not  have a practicing certificate  and  confirmed this in this document  and this  one 

another issue  is that she claims that   it is defamatory to  say that she intimidated our definition of intimidate  is

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