Brookfields How to win with no evidence – the background.

I  have just made complaints against a number of lawyers and  had wanted to make a complaint against Brookfield’s  lawyers with the law society  but found  that because they were an unincorporated law firm I had no redress against them.  I have  written to  Brookfields , ( their partners  and their CEO) in the past and been ignored .

Just last night I found that   Brookfield’s had blocked my  email address , guess  that is how you deal with issues  first you  bully then you throw up a brick wall. That is where blogs come in .

I am a whistle blower  I didn’t mean to be  , I simply  asked  some  simple questions of the duly elected council members of Waitakere city council  and of MAF  with regards to  an organisation which  had law enforcement ability under the animal welfare act. This  “ organisation ‘ transpired to   be just one man  a man who had written the legislation and   had advised  on it at select committee level. He was effectively running his  private SPCA  as a parasite off public resources  using staff vehicles and resources  paid for  by the ratepayers  and  collecting   the   profits and banking it into an account only he had access to  and held in the name of his alias.. animal welfare institute of new Zealand.

In my opinion  it would make a perfect fraud  it is so clever that even the best  Grisham  novel  could not have dreamt up this plot. The secret of the  success was a false application which would  result in enforcing the animal welfare law and  by virtue of section 171 see the proceeds of prosecution returned to the approved organisation.

This was not coincidental   it had been plotted way back at least in 1994 and put into a business plan in 1996. The  in 1997 the writer of the business plan  had the luxury of writhing the legislation for his business plan and was  employed by  the select committee to see it through the transitional stage and pass into law.

The false application for approved  status was  false because  no trust exited  and no deed had been signed.   The assurances in paragraph 10.4   were   that the   trust would be registered and become a legal entity in its own right.   It was later to transpire that many other   things in this application were total bull shit too.

MAF and the minister sought to clarify   the existence of AWINZ and as these communications show , proof was avoided.( I  eventually  received the full documents  if any one wants them I can  direct you to them )

Early of 2001  the minster approved  the application for AWINZ  Inc  to become a law enforcement authority under the act  which the person making the application for AWINZ had written.

Strangely enough   in searching the  MAF files and in  official information act requests, there was never any correspondence from anyone else   who said that Mr Wells,( the person acting on behalf of the applicant )  could act on their behalf  or on behalf of any other group everything  ws  done by  him in the name of the fictitious AWINZ.

In 2006  I was approached by some people in my capacity as a private Investigator, they had concerns about  the existence or rather lack of existence of AWINZ.  There were two  memoranda of understanding  one with MAF and one with the previous manager dog and stock control Waitakere city .  Mr Wells  who had signed on behalf of the animal welfare institute of New Zealand   with Waitakere  was to take the place of Mr Didovich  who had   signed  apparently without  the authority of the  city.    And so in this agreement with council Mr Wells had obligations  to both sides of the agreement something the council Lawyer Denis Sheard  had no issue with.

There was not a register on which AWINZ  showed    and so to  prove conclusively  that we had not  overlooked the existence  we incorporated a trust  by the identical name  and were successful.

Our trust was incorporated on 27 April 2006 in the name of Animal welfare institute of New Zealand.  The incorporated number is 1809454. It is searchable on the register maintained by the MED.

Proving that AWINZ categorically did not exist   and not being able to locate any group of identifiable persons who called themselves AWINZ at that time, we put up our  web page   stating that we were the only   legal entity by that name   and having achieved Donee status and  having ascertained  that no one else using that name   had IRD donee status we advertised that too.

Now the dates are very important   remember  we were fully  incorporated, That is  our  AWINZ was a legal entity in its own right  on 27 APRIL 2006  by virtue of this statute ( see section 13 )    .

You have to wonder how a group  which  informally   formed on 10 May  2006  without any  documentation,  can have  a  claim to having used that name  prior to 27 April 2006  …  Never  fear Brookfields is here  they are so efficient  that  they   can do anything   and on this occasion  they used   a  partners wife , who was  according to the law society a law clerk at the time   .. to commence the proceedings by what I felt to be  was intimidation *  . to be continued….* this has been updated in 2019 after one year of defamation proceedings  at my own initiative I felt intimidated  when I received a  phone call late at night and was told to  change the name our legally  incorporated trust  and If I did not my private investigator licence would be in jeopardy .

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