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In 2006 I questioned the existence of   one of only two private law enforcement authorities in New Zealand  – The Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand.(AWINZ )

As a result of attempting to seek accountability for a law enforcement organisation which did not have any independent legal  existence of its own I was   sued   through Brookfield’s Lawyers.

For 5 years I have been  subjected to the most extraordinary  litigation   which truly shows how innovative Brookfield’s can be.

Brookfield’s  have been able to be successful in court   by

  • using a Un registered lawyer
  • Plaintiffs with  no standing  (The party suing must have something to lose in order to sue)
  • Making a  fabricated claim,
  • using  nonexistent evidence
  • avoiding discovery
  • Not filing affidavits
  • Used innovative  means to manipulate the court proceedings
  • To incur huge costs to the innocent parties
  • Demanded  payment and refused offers
  • Had my  defence  of truth  and honest opinion struck out
  • cleverly skipping the   formal proof hearing( which saved the embarrassment of not being  able to come  up with the evidence in the court. )
  • Had  a decision made against me for  continuing to defame  when no determination for defamation had  ever been made
  • Prevented me from placing evidence before the court that  would show that their   client committed perjury
  • Blocked every means   that I had open to me to seek redress through the court.

As can be seen by the list  this is  going to take some time to  expand on  .

What is so spectacular about this case is that it proves that any formal structure we have in New Zealand is entirely pointless as Brookfield’s will   strive to win no matter what.

Brookfield’s have been so creative that I thought I  should  let the world know  how they operate  their   values  and ethical standing  surely sets a new  standards for Lawyers .

I  did write to Brook fields and asked if we could meet   to discuss this But  they are so right  that   they have nothing to  fear, see  Brookfield’s reply

Tomorrow  I   will  add to the post   it will be good  unbelievable reading.  I can promise you that.

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