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Just as the security commission has  sent out a warning about two companies   and I put my  post on the blog, I receive a letter in my  mail from NZ INVESTMENT SECURITIES  which is identical in format to the energy securities  offer.

I note  that on the register of  Limited partnerships , which is not searchable by  partners name , that the documents filed for NZ INVESTMENT SECURITIES are actually those for NZ CREDIT SECURITIES

Stand by for more  undervalued offers  from both these companies

2538168 – NZ CREDIT SECURITIES LP  registered  13 July 2010

2538169 – NZ INVESTMENT SECURITIES LP   registered  13 July 2010

2538188   CARRINGTON SECURITIES LP registered  13-JUL-2010

2543023 ENERGY SECURITIES LP registered  17-DEC-2010

2543060 CARLYLE SECURITIES LP registered 17-DEC-2010

and possibly more   be careful out there  its a rip off .

What to do if you get and offer

Do not sign anything    take a plain piece of paper  or a bit of advertising which does not have your name on it  and insert it in the pre paid envelope    seal it and post it.

This will send a strong message  both financial and waste of his resources   we have to do as much as we can to make this practice uneconomical.

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