Why hide behind trading names?

Just sitting here minding my own business and the phone goes.

It is a Chinese lady ringing from a line which is obviously an overseas call due to the echo.

She tells me that she is calling on behalf of ANZ something.

I tell her I don’t do marketing calls and could she tell me which country she is calling from.

She tells me that she is calling from 40 Beach Road. My computer tells me that these are serviced apartments.

I ask her to tell me what the name of the company is again and she spells it out ANZ WEB CO. a quick search shows that there is no such company, I tell her that and ask for the company number  she  says it is 3037483  and confirms that  it is WB 5 Ltd  which was incorporated  22 July 2010 by Clyde Steven YOUNG 9 Laxon Terrace, Remuera, Auckland, 1050 , New Zealand

She gives me the phone number 09 280 6124.  And says you want to order a web site now?

When I get off the line I do some research and find the web page http://anzwebco.com

I note it has the address for the serviced apartments  and the phone number she gave me 09-280 6124 is listed on the site.

I ring the number and it is a  pre recorded telephone message.. Like the one which comes with the phone no indication what so ever of  who you are calling .

I check the domain registry http://www.whois.net/whois/anzwebco.com the admin name is “Look n Find “ and gives a contact number of 021 0751 903  I phone this  and there is an answer phone with no message, just one that says  sorry I didn’t get your message.

I find the  phone number for the  director of the company 3037483   and I ring Young C S & C M          9 Laxon Tce Newmarket Auckland 1050   09-522 6972.  The answer phone says it is the  Colleen , Clyde  Steve ,Sasha  and Simone.  After ringing  back a couple of times Simone answers but   she doesn’t know if her father is  involved with ANZ web co  or how to contact him.

Dodgy  I thought  so I check out the owner of the company  and find that Clyde Steven YOUNG is involved with the a large  number of  companies .

I check the chartered accountants listings and find that Mr Young is a chartered accountant for O’HALLORAN but in opening the link from the chartered accountants association the web site for WILLIAM BUCK (NZ) LIMITED opened and I find the page which refers to Mr Young  who transpires to  be a fine upstanding  citizen   and major share holder of WILLIAM BUCK (NZ) LIMITED who has been

  • Chairman of the Pacific Island Chamber of Commerce between 1997 and 1999
  • board member of Enterprising Manukau from 2000 – 2009
  • on the Advisory Board of the Accountancy Law and Finance Faculty at UNITEC
  • He was appointed by the Hon. Trevor Mallard in 2004 to Chair the Pasifika Education Centre.
  • currently a trustee for the New Zealand Good Samaritan Heart Mission to Samoa Trust
  • member of UNITEC’s Fono Faufautua’s Pacific Advisory Board

All I can wonder is  Why the lack of  transparency, why the secrecy ..    had I not  asked for the company number I could never have traced  the owner of the company  and in my opinion  what I saw    had all the hall marks of a scam .

I phoned Mr Young at his office left a message   for him to call. I have yet to hear from him.  I think an explanation is called for .  don’t you?

I further note that Willliam Buck  has  some  identity issues as well

Company number:  1172579

incorporated 13 Nov 2001as O’HALLORAN & COMPANY LIMITED until 19 Dec 2005 when it became O’HALLORAN HMT LIMITED then on  09 Apr 2010 became WILLIAM BUCK (NZ) LIMITED

Company number:  2412291

Incorporation 23 Feb 2010  as WILLIAM BUCK (NEW ZEALAND) LIMITED  and on 25 Feb 2010changed its name to WILLIAM BUCK (NZ) LIMITED  and on 09 Apr 2010 became O’HALLORAN & COMPANY LIMITED

Company number:  907183

Incorporation 03 Jun 1998as WILLIAM BUCK BUSINESS RISK CONSULTING (NZ) LIMITED and on 12 Jul 2001changed its name to WILLIAM BUCK LIMITED

These three companies  have all shared  each other’s names, this is always an indicator to me that someone is trying to  confuse  another party   .

There is a fourth company

Company number:  1961856 incorporated 28 Jun 2007 now called CORPORATE FINANCE WILLIAM BUCK NZ LIMITED  but has this  name history


The  directors associated with these companies are

Bruce MINCHAM  70 Runciman Road, Pukekohe East, R D 2

Clyde Steven YOUNG  9 Laxon Terrace, Newmarket, Auckland

Arran Karl BOOTE 83 Saddleback Rise, Murrays Bay, Auckland , New Zealand

Michael Derek WOOD  1/55 Anita Avenue, Mt Roskill, Auckland , New Zealand

Reply  emails from Mr Young .(.I wonder why  he copied the lawyer in ? )  are found at this link emails with mr Young

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  • It seems to me that accountants, lawyers and such have learned how to ride and hide and if anything goes wrong, the sign on their ‘front lawn/s says; “Its not me”.

    Good article. I will follow this with interest… The Truth sometimes hurts but makes people be more careful in the future too. Keep it up Grace

  • Grace Haden:

    This company miraculously went into liquidation on the 1st march guess its no good once its objectives have been exposed.

  • webmaster:

    to fjfkj@hotmail.com you sent a comment which has not been published, our conditions of publishing are that we at least have to know who the Anon is If you make a comment that we are not transparent please be transparent yourself .

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