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Trusts and Corruption


At last we are making progress and a new year is sweeping in like a new broom

Today’s Sunday star times has two articles close to my heart   one on trusts   which I consider to be the greatest vehicle for fraud    and the other  on the fact that New Zealand  is actually  corrupt.

The articles are  Trust law is in for a shake-up and  Corruption rears head in NZ business

I have previously made submissions  on  the need to tighten up on trusts  and my own litigation experience has been  with a  trust which  was a sham.  I was done for defamation for saying that it was  but in the end   a sham trust is a sham trust   and   when it enforces animal welfare law  then  it is concern to the public.

The price for speaking the truth however has been horrific and highlights that there is no protection , or even co operation for whistleblowers.

The “ trust” I complained of has now  had its  status revoked.. just as well  as the trust if it actual did exit ,ceased to exist  in 2003   according to its own constitution.

I made extensive submissions to the law commission on Trusts   the document is available  by emailing me

I welcome quotes such as this one from Barry Jordan, the head of the forensics team at accountancy firm Deloitte who has never bought into the idea that New Zealand is free of corruption.

“I never believed it for a second, it’s so inconsistent with what I see on the ground,” he said.

See also What is New Zealand doing about corruption – why is it better to be a fraudster than Question corruption ?

Well done Law society

The law society has commenced publishing the outcomes of their  complaint investigations

this is one step closer to transparency     the   page is located at