those who pull the strings of the new super city

The  chamber of commerce have  not bothered to get back to me , I guess  it would be too embarrassing fo them to admit that a hand full of persons  run the society and it is  only an illusion of democracy . You see if they allowed the  members of the chamber to vote then  the power and control would be lost.

This appears to be part of the wider trend.  Take for instance the Business round table

which is an organisation of  influential  business persons  – all White  men  except for   two  women   and one male of asian  origins.

Many appear to be  in bed with  major overseas consortiums . I have compiled a list of business round table past and  current directorships.

These persons , the chamber of commerce  directorship and   the committee for Auckland   are what I believe to be the  New Zealand based puppet masters they pull the  strings  and it would appear that they have already taken firm control of hte new super city .

I have taken their business  connections and  matched them with those selected for the Auckland  super city  committees  those which the Aucklander calls the the secret seven.   These are the business connections of the so-called members of the secret seven committee business directorships past and present

The results speak for themselves see the document   council business connections It shows directorship  relationships between those on  the new  council committees and those who I believe are  at the helm of this country.

There has been a lot in  the news about privatisation of water the document   associations of Keenan – water care to liquor industry

illustrates  just how many  and how close the associations are  with the liquor industry  .

is this  poised for insider trading or what ?

Ironically just yesterday there was an item in the herald, an insider trading matter

Involving IBM

of which a judge said  “White collar crime is just as destructive to our social fabric as the crimes of drugs and violence”

But I think in light of the events of  this past week   in particular  with ACT which is pushing this whole super city thing  we have to question  just what  the  accepted standards are  I refer in particular to Stealing baby’s identity ‘a bit of a lark’

Just goes to show that those we  elect do not have the values which the rest of society condone.  Perhaps we need to be a bit more cautious about proceeding with this  supercity thing  which has been done in a tad of a rush..  I say  there is only one  vote  and that is   Vote for Penny Bright

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