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stop the corporate take over speak out

The super city is all about big business  taking over  our   city  and asset stripping them –  I will  show real evidence  that supports  this statement

What I  did  was simply  to put all the names of  those who have been selected   to go on the committees which rule  Auckland.

I  began with the article published in the Aucklander regarding the so called the secret seven

I compiled a  list of all the companies which they  are and have been involved in committee business directorships past and present

I then looked at three of the largest   business groups   the  Business round table the executive of the  chamber of commerce ( which has held tight reigns  on their  leadership  )  see story and  those who lobbied for the super city  being the Committee for Auckland.

I   collated all the business relationships in one spread sheet and    looked for connections.

What stood out more than anything  is that   these four groups of people   are not  representative of our population.  They are  rich  influential, white   and male and they have  common memberships to these  power hubs.

In my calculations  they represent the  minority of population  and the majority of   big  business ( if not all )  .

This is the spread sheet which I have compiled from those results   shows significant over lap between people  companies  and   the “ Secret seven “ selected to control our assets.

Most significant of all is the  associations of Keenan of water care to liquor industry

If anyone was  wishing to privatise water   which industry do you think would be  knocking on the door first..  well    the already have their inside man  the evidence speaks  for itself.

These  two men appear to have the most connections  they are

MOGRIDGE, Bryan William

MASFEN, Peter Hanbury

When you click on their names you can see their company connections

I have only  gone to one level of connections in my spreadsheets  but as you can see through the   connections of  GREYMOUTH GAS TARANAKI LIMITED and many other companies  similarly named , Masfen is a co director  with Robert DUNPHY   who is none other than Philippa Dunphy’s  husband    a connection which these spreadsheets  don’t illustrate.     There will no doubt be more connections   but  the  are irrelevant if no one cares.  Philippa is on the transport  committee.. handy for the uses of  gas and petroleum.

There is only one candidate warning  every one that this is about a corporate takeover That  is Penny Bright she  is  the Claytons vote  the vote you give to say  yes we agree this is a corporate takeover and we are opposed to it ……..     I gave  her my  vote

You have two choices  Vote for her    or  if you have received this email and have ignored it  accept that things will never be the same again

We can only do this   if we stand together.

If you are not male, if you are not white  or  if you do not support corporate coups  then  give Penny your vote and send a very  loud message..   we  want   the city  for the people run  by those elected by the people  not  by committees  of pre selected persons  who have conflicts of interests and hidden agendas

Please Treat this as the  vote   for  or against the super city.. if you are for the super city and can’t be bothered reading my material   vote for whoever you like

If you are against the super city and don’t like the undemocratic manner in which it has been done  or  you  have read my material and say Oh my gosh what is happening is so  wrong. Then please vote  Like I did    just the one tick on the form     Vote for Penny Bright .

I am not  part of her campaign, this has not been authorised by her  this is   my recommendation  based on real evidence  .

Please forward this email  to anyone  who is yet to vote  click on the links   have a look at the evidence  this is a  corporate take over the very people I have  mentioned  own the news papers the  only way we are going to get this out  is through  email.

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those who pull the strings of the new super city

The  chamber of commerce have  not bothered to get back to me , I guess  it would be too embarrassing fo them to admit that a hand full of persons  run the society and it is  only an illusion of democracy . You see if they allowed the  members of the chamber to vote then  the power and control would be lost.

This appears to be part of the wider trend.  Take for instance the Business round table

which is an organisation of  influential  business persons  – all White  men  except for   two  women   and one male of asian  origins.

Many appear to be  in bed with  major overseas consortiums . I have compiled a list of business round table past and  current directorships.

These persons , the chamber of commerce  directorship and   the committee for Auckland   are what I believe to be the  New Zealand based puppet masters they pull the  strings  and it would appear that they have already taken firm control of hte new super city .

I have taken their business  connections and  matched them with those selected for the Auckland  super city  committees  those which the Aucklander calls the the secret seven.   These are the business connections of the so-called members of the secret seven committee business directorships past and present

The results speak for themselves see the document   council business connections It shows directorship  relationships between those on  the new  council committees and those who I believe are  at the helm of this country.

There has been a lot in  the news about privatisation of water the document   associations of Keenan – water care to liquor industry

illustrates  just how many  and how close the associations are  with the liquor industry  .

is this  poised for insider trading or what ?

Ironically just yesterday there was an item in the herald, an insider trading matter

Involving IBM

of which a judge said  “White collar crime is just as destructive to our social fabric as the crimes of drugs and violence”

But I think in light of the events of  this past week   in particular  with ACT which is pushing this whole super city thing  we have to question  just what  the  accepted standards are  I refer in particular to Stealing baby’s identity ‘a bit of a lark’

Just goes to show that those we  elect do not have the values which the rest of society condone.  Perhaps we need to be a bit more cautious about proceeding with this  supercity thing  which has been done in a tad of a rush..  I say  there is only one  vote  and that is   Vote for Penny Bright

Spot light on the chamber of commerce

The  Auckland Chamber of Commerce appears to be a trading name  for  an  unidentified entity. To find out  who or which it is  we have sent the following to Michael Barnett

From: Grace Haden []
Sent: Tuesday, 7 September 2010 3:51 p.m.
To: Michael Barnett
Subject: auckland chamber of commerce

Good afternoon Mr Barnett

I am doing some research on the  chamber  and   note  that there is both a company and an incorporated society    I note that there is some confusion about the names and wonder if you could assist in  clarification

  1. The AUCKLAND REGIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is a trading name  please identify  which entity it is a trading name for
  1. If one joins the  chamber  do they  join  the society or are they  joining something which comes under the  umbrella  of the limited liability company. That is are they a member of
  1. Do the members  who join through the  web site  get to vote at the AGM   for the incorporated society
  2. If so  how are they notified of the AGM
  3. Where was the AGM held this year and how many attended.
  4. Could we please obtain a copy of the  minutes of the AGM

I hope that   these questions can be  easily answered   and look forward to your reply.


Grace Haden

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Wed 8/09/2010 9:31 a.m.

Grace- will get the answers to these and get back to you