No evidence required to bring court action

It has  long been a concern of mine that  court action can be brought  by any one on anything.

If you have a larger wallet than the person you are taking on and wanting to beat them up  and totally destroy them  then the court is your arena.

Defamation claims are always good because they put the onus of truth on the other party   and then when you can ensure that their defence is struck out- you are on a home run.

I have been fighting this for four years and have met up through the course of events with Vince Siemer who has had a similar experience.

While we spend years arguing law, the facts are not put before the court. Lawyers who are skilled debaters can win any argument   especially when they do not have to produce the facts to back them up.

The police do not act on perjury complaints,  I have  had one with  them for  6 months now  for a matter I was involved in  and it has not progressed

Through my Fresh prepared Limited  case I can prove categorically that  the  courts are  abused .

Today I received some documents from  Vince , he has asked me to put them up  on the  transparency site and I have done so  in the interest of transparency.

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