Charities and Politics

For some time  now  we have been questioning  what has been  happening with charities, we appear to have more than ever  and   there are some charities  which   are nothing but a name.

We are not the first to question this  articles can be found  at

It appears that we are not alone  this article has  just been received   from the UK

Charity Commission receives complaints about charities and party politics

We have pointed out to the select committee that there are charities  which  appear to have no   members  e.g. The Roundtable On Violence Against Women Trust.  This trust is not registered any where and is a trading name for person and persons unknown.

What we do know is that  the address  to which it is registered is that of Alana Bowman  an active  labour party member.

It appears that all you need is a credible sounding name, a cause  which is funded     and from there  we have very little transparency.

Is New Zealand’s financial crises caused by funding  non existent entities which provide back door support to   political parties?

We will   forward an Official information act request to   see what funding if any this organisation has received.   And will keep you posted.

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