Battle of the Kruger

If you have never seen the Battle of  the Kruger  clip , now is the time to do it   its available in various versions on YouTube.

I have been inspired  by this clip became  to me it shows that when one or two  come out to take on the lions  their strength is not   just their own physical ability  it is more significant   what they have backing them up.

Transparency New Zealand   has been  formed to provide  a platform on which Kiwis   who are concerned about the direction that New Zealand is taking  , can gather .

There is strength in numbers  .

Also we have identified how  things like the super city get pushed though  the strategies used by businesses to  get the support of those we elected.

We don’t appear to have a voice  – so we aim that transparency New Zealand will be the voice for the silent majority.. but we cant do this alone.. will you  join us?

Please  send an email to  info@  to show your  interest

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